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Weekly Roundup Intro: Week of November 4, 2019

This week’s roundup offers insights on the metros with the happiest renters, third-quarter 2019 multifamily investment trends and cities that experienced strong prime leasing seasons this year. First, Point2 Homes ranked the 150 largest U.S. metros to determine the most dynamic cities, based on factors such as education and training, business opportunities and technological advances. Next, Zumper takes a look at where renters seem the happiest according to results from their 2019 renter report, with Miami topping the list. Arbor’s Chatter blog releases the Q3 2019 Small Multifamily Investment Trends Report, which analyzes the sector’s performance during the first nine months of the year by looking at various performance metrics, including cap rates and pricing. Then, RealPage observes that several metros posted all-time high apartment demand during 2019’s prime leasing season, with 281,800 total units absorbed. Finally, Trepp spotlights Phoenix, the fastest-growing city in the U.S. from 2017 to 2018, noting that the city’s strong fundamentals mean it is well positioned to expand its commercial real estate market in the coming years.

America’s Most Dynamic Urban Centers [150 U.S. Cities Ranked]

Point2 Homes – November 4

“As industrialization is slowly being pushed aside, making room for more tech-focused, entrepreneurial cultures, progress is measured in education and research investments, advances in technology, and overall productivity and well-being levels.”

Where The Happiest Renters Live

Zumper – November 6

“We looked at things like apartment satisfaction, plans to move, hometown pride, and even owning a pet and ranked the cities based on those responses.”

Q3 2019 Small Multifamily Investment Trends Report

Arbor Chatter – November 5

“Small multifamily lending volume jumped to $57.8 billion on an annualized basis, the highest level of activity in Chandan Economics’ post-crisis model estimates.”

Several Markets See Best-Ever Prime Leasing Season in 2019

RealPage – November 5

“Dallas was the nation’s leader in apartment demand during 2019’s 2nd and 3rd quarters, with more than 16,500 units absorbed.”

MSA Snapshot: CRE Action in the Valley of the Sun

Trepp – November 6

“According to the 2018 U.S. census, Phoenix – the fifth most populous city in the U.S. – was also the fastest growing city, with an increase of 25,888 new residents between 2017 and 2018.”

Weekly Roundup Intro: Week of October 28, 2019

This week’s roundup highlights housing affordability, the rental inventory mix in Los Angeles and investors’ thoughts on opportunity zones. First, First American analyzes how mortgage rates and wage growth have impacted housing affordability and home prices in 2019. Next, Apartment List delivers its rent report for November, noting that apartment rents have remained essentially flat since June, with year-over-year growth at 1.4%. Arbor’s Chatter blog offers a breakdown of the rental stock in Greater Los Angeles, noting that larger apartment buildings are gaining ground in the region. Then, NREI provides an interview with economist Sam Chandan who provides his outlook for the commercial real estate industry and the factors that will impact its performance in 2020. Finally, Commercial Property Executive discusses investors’ insights on opportunity zones from a recent industry conference, with many agreeing that while there are still many unknowns, there are economic and business benefits to making investments in these designated areas.

The Dynamic Forces that Re-Shaped Housing Affordability in 2019

First American – October 28

“When incomes rise, consumer house-buying power increases. When mortgage rates or nominal house prices rise, consumer house-buying power declines.”

November 2019 Rent Report

Apartment List – October 29

“Rents have now remained essentially flat since June. Year-over-year growth currently stands at 1.4 percent, just ahead of the rate from this time last year.” 

A Primer on Greater Los Angeles Rental Inventory

Arbor Chatter – October 30

“Small multifamily made up the dominant share of rental inventory in Greater Los Angeles, but large multifamily stock is rising in the region.”

Schack Institute’s Sam Chandan Talks About His Outlook for CRE Industry’s Future

NREI – October 28

“The Schack Institute’s Sam Chandan discusses the outlook for commercial real estate and how the industry is working to improve diversity.” 

Opportunity Zones Take Shape Despite Mixed Reviews

Commercial Property Executive – October 29

“At the Connect Opportunity Zone conference last week, investors described some of the exciting projects that this new economic stimulus program has set in motion.”

Weekly Roundup Intro: Week of October 21, 2019

This week’s roundup offers insights on the nation’s top markets for multifamily investment, renter preferences and how climate risk impacts real estate. First, Arbor’s Chatter blog releases its 2019 Top U.S. Markets for Large Multifamily Investment Report, which ranks the top 50 metros based on investment growth prospects and how lending activity has shifted within these cities. Next, RealPage reports that Dallas replaced New York as the national leader for job growth, adding 99,500 jobs in the 12-months ending in September. Zumper discusses the results of its 2019 State of the American Renter report, which surveyed more than 10,000 people and found that one in three respondents didn’t believe the “American dream” involves homeownership. Then, Commercial Property Executive takes a look at where climate risk could have the most significant impact on commercial properties, with New York City being among the most vulnerable. Finally, NREI notes that while developers are on track to deliver 100,000 new or renovated affordable units this year, the amount of new supply is still not enough to keep up with demand.

2019 Top U.S. Markets for Large Multifamily Investment Report

Arbor Chatter – October 22

“This annual report takes an in-depth look at how the landscape for large multifamily investment has evolved over the past year, and where demand growth is forecasted in the year ahead in the top U.S. markets.”

Dallas Supplants New York as Job Gains Leader in September

RealPage – October 23

“Despite the month-over-month slowdown, New York’s hiring activity was still good enough for #2 nationally in September, ahead of Houston’s 82,800 jobs added.”

2019 State of the American Renter: Homeownership & the American Dream

Zumper – October 23

“As people age, the general trend is that they believe less and less that owning a home is part of the American Dream. It seems, in general, that they are becoming more realistic about what they want in terms of homeowner responsibilities and paying for things like property taxes and down payments.”

Where Climate Risk is the Highest for Real Estate

CPE – October 23

“For investors, the impact of climate-related events can range from increased operational expenses—like damage to a property and repair costs—to higher insurance premiums, decreased asset values and in some cases, total loss of a property.”

The Market Is Still Not Seeing Enough Affordable and Workforce Housing

NREI – October 22

“More than 10 million households nationwide pay more than half of their income on rent. That leaves too little money for other expenses, including health care, transportation and nutritious food.”