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Weekly Roundup: January 5, 2018

This week’s selection of multifamily news pieces reveal the expected performance outlook of the 2018 multifamily market as well as the amenities that matter most to renters. First, Mortgage Bankers Association identifies that the strength and stability of the CRE market will likely be sustained due to factors like increasing asking rents. Next, Axiometrics explores [...]

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ALEX Chatter’s Top 10 Posts from 2017

ALEX Chatter recapped their top posts from 2017. In 2017, they covered many topics from the fastest growing metro markets and the factors that determine rent growth to tech solutions and the future of amenity offerings. They served as the go to source for multifamily news and information. An expansive array of topics have been covered in [...]

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Weekly Roundup: December 21, 2017

This week’s collection of industry news stories touch upon the movement patterns of renters along with predictions for financial and digital trends in multifamily. First, The New York Times reports that there has been a drop in mobility for renters and homeowners alike. Then, Axiometrics weighs in on the risks and returns of investing in [...]

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Weekly Roundup: December 15, 2017

Trending locations for multifamily developments, and the characteristics of candidates who are likely to rent, are analyzed throughout this week’s selection of industry news pieces. First, National Real Estate Investor covers multifamily in suburban submarkets, and how these suburban locations are accounting for most of the inventory’s growth. Next, Axiometrics explores how the apartment market [...]

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Weekly Roundup: December 8, 2017

Changing homeownership views, amenity offerings and the growth in small loans are covered in this week’s selection of multifamily news highlights. To begin, Ten-X discusses the emerging trend of people strategically choosing renting over home buying because it aligns with their lifestyle. Next, RIS Media explores the idea of ‘surban’ development and how they are [...]

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Weekly Roundup: December 1, 2017

Growth in the already high performing multifamily market and predictions for future shifts in amenity offerings are explored in this week’s news top industry news stories. To start, the Mortgage Bankers Association reports that delinquency rates for loans have reached a 24-year low, proving that commercial and multifamily mortgages are performing extremely well. Then, National [...]

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Weekly Roundup: November 24, 2017

This week’s top multifamily developments highlight how rent prices continue to rise as demand and amenity offerings grow. First, Real Capital Analytics reports on data that illustrates the consistent price growth in the apartment sector. Next, National Real Estate Investor provides a glimpse of the features that are most important to renters. Property Management Insider [...]

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Weekly Roundup: November 17, 2017

After new research from Axiometrics on the correlation between college enrollment and student housing demand, this week’s collection of multifamily news pieces features a mix of insights on millennial renters and new developments in the area of apartment affordability. First, National Real Estate Investor predicts the 10 suburban areas for millennial population growth and explores [...]

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Weekly Roundup | November 11th, 2017

This week’s collection of top multifamily news features a good mix of stats and trends pertinent to smart apartment investing. To start, the Mortgage Bankers Association reports that commercial and multifamily mortgage loan originations increased 21% from a year ago, and by 8% from the second quarter. Next, Property Manager Insider investigates the simplistic amenities [...]

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Weekly Roundup | November 3rd, 2017

This week’s collection of multifamily news stories cover a wide range of developments in the apartment sector. First, NREI explores the financial benefits associated with going green in rental communities. Next, another NREI article explains the significance of small loan borrowers, and how the need for reliable and competitive financing is growing in order to [...]

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