Top 25 Markets for Apartment Rent Growth

Every year I like to see what markets in the nation took the top spot with annual rent growth. While Portland took the top spot with annual rent growth of 12% in 2015, seven of the top 25 MSAs for apartment rent growth were in California. By taking a look at this article, you can see that there was [...]

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How Many Renters Live in Small Apartments?

In today’s society, Millennials outnumber Baby Boomers living in the United States. As a result, we have seen a shift in rental apartment trends, with more Americans now living in smaller apartment buildings (by unit size) than larger ones. As it turns out, the share of renters living in small properties has increased slightly since the beginning of [...]

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Multifamily New Construction & Supply Trends A record number of new construction apartment units are in the pipeline. Such a trend will impact the market at large, especially when also considering the potential shift from apartment rentership dominance to greater homeownership. Find out how to best prepare your business for a potential multifamily market correction.

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The Turn of the Real Estate Market Cycle The current market cycle is one of the longest in history without a recession. Learn more about when the next cycle shift may occur and what may cause it. Hear how rent growth is being underwritten and uncover which asset classes could experience some challenges moving forward. Also, cap rates are discussed, including [...]

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Ivan Kaufman on Millennials and Multifamily Demand Millennials have been a significant driver of urban apartment demand, especially in the country’s gateway markets. But is a shift in store with Millennials and their housing needs and location preferences? Will there be an increase in homeownership as a result? Find out in this video clip exploring the Millennial demand phenomenon.

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How Arbor is Working to Enhance Your Business Arbor is coming off consecutive record origination volume years. Discover the ways in which Arbor is now working to enhance your business and investments in 2016 with its unique capabilities, including its long-standing focus on personalization, loan product diversity and deal flexibility.

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Ivan Kaufman on the CMBS Market Status The CMBS finance market’s issuance volume has slowed down considerably. Find out more about where CMBS is heading, what other types of financing may replace it and what impact the government’s new risk retention rules will have on the CMBS market.

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Macroeconomic Overview Learn how the general election is influencing the U.S. economy plus how there might soon be a change in the ratio between rent growth and wage growth, with the former finally slowing down and the latter picking up. Also, the influence of foreign investment in U.S. real estate is evaluated, with Chinese, [...]

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About the One on One Video Series with Ivan Kaufman The One on One with Ivan Kaufman quarterly video webinar series is designed to provide Arbor’s clients with unique macroeconomic and commercial real estate market insight and perspective. Hosted by Sam Chandan, Chief Economist at Chandan Economics, the video series will gives Arbor’s clients a leg up on market trends and the [...]

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Don’t Overlook the Power of Property Management

As a multifamily investor, you might think the hard choices are behind you after selecting the market, asset and type of apartment loan for a given transaction. But one of the most important decisions to ensure an optimized return on your investment is selecting the right property manager. In a recent blog post on ALEX [...]

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