The State of the Small Balance Multifamily Market: Q&A – Part 2A

Arbor has helped shape the small multifamily loan market into what it is today, partnering with Fannie Mae to develop the first-ever agency small loan program over 20 years ago. More recently, Arbor helped develop the Freddie Mac Small Balance Loan program that launched in 2014 — and was the program’s top lender in 2015 [...]

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Top Performing Multifamily Rental Markets for Q1 2016

The multifamily market fundamentals continue to trend upward because of many factors. Homeownership isn’t as strong as it was since the recession, foreign investments reached new heights and rents are higher because of age-related demographics, which was highlighted in a previous article. By reading this article, Q1 2016 data from Reis gives us an opportunity [...]

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How do Multifamily Renters Get to Work?

Did you know, that we could tell how you commute to work by what type of renter you are? We know that in larger cities, the longer the commute the more public transportation is being used. Meanwhile, smaller buildings and more suburban areas tend to have higher rates of automobile use. By reading this article, [...]

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Are Small Buildings More Family Friendly?

Having a family and trying to find the right place to live is quite the equation to figure out, especially when trying to provide the right environment for your children. We have seen that the smaller buildings in larger suburban areas tend to have a higher unit size, which make them more desirable to renters [...]

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