The Age Distribution of Renters: Who Lives In Small Properties

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Solar Heating Trends in Small Apartment Buildings

Multifamily owners are increasingly turning to on-site solar as an environmentally friendly way to reduce operating costs. While multifamily properties have made meaningful gains adopting solar heating since 2010, there is room to grow, especially in the small property sector. But as new research from Chandan Economics shows, small assets (5 to 49 units) are [...]

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Apartment Inventory Age: Small Properties Are Older, Ready For Upgrades

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How Do Multifamily Renters Get to Work?

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How Does Race Composition Vary By Asset Size?

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How Big is Small Cap Multifamily?

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Top Performing Multifamily Rental Markets for Q1 2016

The multifamily market fundamentals continue to trend upward because of many factors. Homeownership isn’t as strong as it was since the recession, foreign investments reached new heights and rents are higher because of age-related demographics, which was highlighted in a previous article. By reading this article, Q1 2016 data from Reis gives us an opportunity [...]

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How Much do Apartment Renters Pay for Utilities?

When renting, we all know that once a month we write a check to the landlord. Within the payment are some basic utilities that are covered as well.  By taking a read of this article, data from the American Community Survey shows what portion of renters have their utilities included in their monthly rent check [...]

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How do Multifamily Renters Get to Work?

Did you know, that we could tell how you commute to work by what type of renter you are? We know that in larger cities, the longer the commute the more public transportation is being used. Meanwhile, smaller buildings and more suburban areas tend to have higher rates of automobile use. By reading this article, [...]

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Tucson’s Economy Starts to Turn Around

When deciding to invest in multifamily properties, it is always best for the investor to research what markets are trending as in-demand among potential renters. By reading this article, you can see that research has shown Tucson, AZ makes a case as a strong secondary market for apartment investment.

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