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Weekly Roundup | November 3rd, 2017

This week’s collection of multifamily news stories cover a wide range of developments in the apartment sector. First, NREI explores the financial benefits associated with going green in rental communities. Next, another NREI article explains the significance of small loan borrowers, and how the need for reliable and competitive financing is growing in order to accommodate them. Arbor’s ALEX Chatter then investigates how in-structure parking impacts rent rates across the country. We then turn to Realpage, which identifies the 10 US metros that are issuing the most multifamily permits. Lastly, Market Watch examines how more millennials are gravitating toward small towns for their affordability.   


The Multifamily Green Sweep

NREI – Nov 1

“The driving factor isn’t just environmental concern — it’s financial.”

Why Borrowers of Small Loans are a BIG Deal

NREI – Nov. 1

“Yes, they house 70 percent of the country’s multifamily renter households, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, but that’s just the beginning.”

How Important is Parking for Small Apartment Properties?

ALEX Chatter – Nov. 1

“In-structure parking is most prevalent in Sun Belt markets, but carries the biggest price premium in parking-starved Eastern metros.”

Multifamily Permit Volumes Decline in September

Real Page – Nov. 1
“A cooling of multifamily permitting volumes across several major metros translated into a drop-off of national annual authorization totals in September 2017.”

Why are Millennials Moving to these Small Towns?

MarketWatch – Oct. 30

“Big cities and their big employers have always attracted young workers, and that’s still true. But a combination of factors—sky-high home prices chief among them—have sent millennials across the country looking for alternatives.”


Weekly Roundup | October 27, 2017

This week’s top multifamily news stories take a look at why more people are expressing a preference for renting over home buying, and what that means for the greater multifamily industry. First, Axiometrics explores the relationship between student debt and a decrease in homeownership. Next, The Wall Street Journal delves into data that reveals an increase in the number of people who view renting as the most affordable option across all age groups. Arbor’s ALEX Chatter then presents us with insights on how technology, changing interest rates and foreign investment is expected to impact the CRE space via an interview with the MBA’s Jamie Woodwell. National Real Estate Investor examines the integral role that building class and renter income play in determining how much an owner can increase rents without losing tenants. Lastly, PwC publishes their annual report with revelations such as markets to watch in 2018 and the real estate inclinations of Millennials, Generation Z and Baby Boomers.

Photo by gdtography on Unsplash

Photo by gdtography on Unsplash


Student Loan Debt and its Effect on Future Homeownership

Axiometrics – October 26, 2017

“Some say that higher student debt may generate negative effects to the housing market, while others prefer to focus on the causes that lead to the current debt levels.”


More People Think Renting Is a Better Deal Than Buying

The Wall Street Journal – October 24, 2017

“Some 76% of millennials said renting is an affordable option, up more than 10 percentage points from a year ago”


Q&A: Trends in Commercial Real Estate with the MBA’s Jamie Woodwell

ALEX Chatter – October 26, 2017

“Arbor recently spoke with Jamie Woodwell, VP, Research & Economics at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), and used the opportunity to discuss the future of multifamily lending, trends in industrial and logistics spaces as well as the state of foreign investment in U.S. real estate.”


By How Much Should You Raise the Rents at Your Apartment Building?

NREI – October 24, 2017

“Many renters have already been pushed to the limit financially. Another rent hike could force them to move out.”


Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2018

PwC – October 26, 2017

“Now in its 39th year, Emerging Trends in Real Estate is one of the oldest, most highly regarded annual industry outlook for the real estate and land use industry.”

Weekly Roundup | October 20, 2017

In this week’s collection of the top multifamily reads, we take a look at how changing technology and behavior impact the apartment sector. First, Multifamily Executive walks through the ‘triple bottom line’ benefits — social, environmental and fiscal — of implementing energy and water efficiency programs. Next, an article from Property Management Insider expands on some low- and no-cost retrofits to reduce your utility bills. We then get a look at how driverless cars will impact commercial real estate from the Commercial Observer. Expect to see things like less parking and perhaps changes to underwriting. The roundup is rounded off by two articles taking a closer look at older renters. HousingWire shows us how Baby Boomers are leaving homeownership in droves, while NAREIT uncovers that senior housing occupancy has remained stable in spite of a building boom.  

Photo by Anna Holowetzki on Unsplash

Photo by Anna Holowetzki on Unsplash

Green Financing’s Triple Bottom Line

Multifamily Executive – October 12, 2017

“Encouragingly, many multifamily lenders have embraced innovative green-financing techniques that not only monetarily benefit apartment owners, but make life better for renters and improve the health of local communities.”


In Multifamily, Energy Efficiency Equals Fiscal Efficiency

Property Management Insider – October 18, 2017

“Low and no-cost retrofits are a really good way for a property owner or manager to dip their toe into the water of energy efficiency in a very sellable way.”


No One at the Wheel: What Will Driverless Cars Do to Real Estate?

The Commercial Observer – October 17, 2017

“Uber and Lyft have already started the revolution, but driverless cars promise to upend the way Americans live and work—and real estate with it”


Rental Listing Service Reports Baby Boomers Leaving Homeownership in Droves

HousingWire – October 19, 2017

“Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that it is actually not Millennials who are pouring into the rental market, but Baby Boomers, according got the latest report from RENTCafé.”


Senior Housing Occupancy Stable in Q3 Amid Building Boom

NAREIT – October 18, 2017

“Not only are more and more older Americans living in retirement communities than ever before, they are also moving in at younger ages.”