Weekly Roundup | July 14, 2017

This week’s review of the top multifamily news stories starts off with a look at the rise in apartment demands at major metros. We’ll also examine the shift in student housing market, rising rents in senior housing and the Top 10 cities for millennials. Photo by Emmad Mazhari on Unsplash Top 15 Metros [...]

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Weekly Roundup | July 07, 2017

This week’s review of the top multifamily news stories starts off with a look at the rise of amenities aimed at making everyday life easier for older renters seeking to age in place. As covered in a recent Arbor webinar on senior housing trends, ride sharing services and grocery deliveries are enabling older renters to [...]

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Weekly Roundup | May 19, 2017

In this week’s collection of the top multifamily reads, we gain some insight into how the apartment value-add investment strategy has evolved over the course of the multifamily cycle to meet changing renter demands. Freddie Mac also provides us with some insight into how changing demographics and a persistent gap in new supply support continued [...]

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Weekly Roundup | May 12, 2017

From automating property management to facilitating civil engagement between residents, this week’s list of top multifamily reads has some actionable ways to increase resident retentions. We’ll also take a look at the Top 10 metro markets for rent growth — with some familiar faces from the West Coast nabbing some top spots. Job growth certainly [...]

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Not the Bachelor Pad: Age and Income Profiles of Single Renters in Small Apartment Properties

Married households and families are well-represented in small property apartments. Reflecting that skew to larger households, smaller properties account for a relatively smaller share of single renters when compared to large buildings. How Many Single Renters in Small and Large Properties? As shown in the chart above, about 45 percent of all units in small [...]

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Are America’s Seniors the Next Wave of Apartment Demand?

Seniors are an increasingly important multifamily renter cohort, especially for smaller properties. Some retirees are choosing to downsize and rent for lifestyle reasons. Other seniors are working — and renting — longer. How Big is the Seniors Renter Market? Seniors — including people 65 years of age and over — are 14.5 percent of the [...]

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Multifamily in 2016: Four Key Trends

The first half of 2016 has seen steady growth in the apartment sector. While demographic trends are still strongly favoring the multifamily industry, some markets and properties — particularly those on the higher end — are beginning to see a slowdown in rent growth. Let’s examine that, and a few other trends to keep an [...]

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Number of Older (55+) Renters Could Double by 2030

  A lot of apartment demand discussion recently has been focused on the Millennial generation. However, let’s explore the other end of the age spectrum. For the older American, particularly those from 55 to 64, the rise in apartment living has been increasing due to the fallout from the financial crisis. The number of senior [...]

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5 Reasons Why Apartment Buildings are a Great Investment

  Many factors draw an investor to the commercial real estate market. From interest rates to financial goals, commercial real estate should be thought of as more of an investment strategy rather than a get-rich-quick scheme. To be successful in any investment strategy, one must understand the fundamentals of how the process works. Within multifamily [...]

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