Working Seniors on the Rise: A Renter Segment to Watch

Originally posted on Arbor Loan Express It's clear that due to recession, the US saw an uptick in the trend of delayed retirement in seniors across the country.  Working past the age of 65 no longer was an exception as seniors continued working into their late 60s and 70s. Since the financial crisis, this trend has [...]

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The State of Multifamily in 2017 — Part 3

A Q&A Session with Ivan Kaufman and Sam Chandan on multifamily construction, lending and the small balance apartment sector. For over 20 years, Arbor has helped multifamily real estate investors achieve their financial goals. In March 2017, Ivan Kaufman, Chairman, President & CEO of Arbor, sat down with Sam Chandan, Silverstein Chair of the New [...]

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How Much do Apartment Renters Pay for Utilities?

When renting, we all know that once a month we write a check to the landlord. Within the payment are some basic utilities that are covered as well.  By taking a read of this article, data from the American Community Survey shows what portion of renters have their utilities included in their monthly rent check [...]

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