Top Performing Multifamily Rental Markets for Q1 2016

The multifamily market fundamentals continue to trend upward because of many factors. Homeownership isn’t as strong as it was since the recession, foreign investments reached new heights and rents are higher because of age-related demographics, which was highlighted in a previous article. By reading this article, Q1 2016 data from Reis gives us an opportunity [...]

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Crucial Considerations for Today’s Apartment Owners

From global institutional investors to the couple looking for income during retirement, it seems like everyone is trying to get a piece of the U.S. multifamily market these days. Dive into the demographic and economic factors pushing apartment fundamentals upwards, and it’s easy to see why. As a recent post on ALEX Chatter points out, [...]

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What Steps are Involved in Creating a REIT?

Obviously, this question cannot be answered with one short, simple answer. The breadth of information on how to form a REIT from conception has basic tax considerations and requirements — ones that should be researched with a legal representative for the finer details. However, the elemental compliance regulations generally require these qualifications: Organization — A Real Estate Investment Trust [...]

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