Seven of the top 25 fastest growing markets for apartment rent growth in 2015 were in California. That’s according to new research from Axiometrics, which is highlighted in a recent blog post on ALEX Chatter. Another West Coast city — Portland, Ore. — took the number one spot with an annual rent growth of 12%. This level of performance is quite impressive:

“When cities like Portland, Ore., and Oakland, Calif., are posting double digital annual rent growth, it won’t surprise you that the first three quarters of the year were “the most robust period we have seen since before the Great Recession,” according to Jay Denton, senior vice president of analytics at Axiometrics.

Did your favorite market make the list? Be sure to check out the full blog post, which has an interactive chart of the Top 25 best performing cities. You’ll see a strong representation from the East Coast and Southwest as well.