This week’s collection of industry trends is marked by rising demand for apartments, how renters are finding multifamily spaces and how rethinking the suburbs could be part of the solution to housing affordability. First, CityLab suggests that replacing single family homes with small apartment buildings can be a natural way to start improving housing stock and density. Then, Trepp reveals how the lending market is responding to growing levels of demand. Arbor’s Chatter blog uncovers the most popular search modes for finding new apartments. Next, Urban Institute notes that due to factors like the difficulty of obtaining a mortgage, lack of entry-level inventory and costs of building a home, homeownership is no longer a realistic goal for everyone. Finally, National Real Estate Investor examines how increasing home prices are impacting would-be first-time buyers — many are turning to renting as a more affordable option. 

photo of apartment buildings

Density’s Next Frontier: The Suburbs

CityLab – Feb. 1

“America’s real housing problem—and a big part of the solution to it—lie in closer-in single-family-home neighborhoods that were built up during the great suburban boom of the last century, and that have seen little or no new housing construction since they were initially developed.”

Can Multifamily Sector Keep up with Rising Demand?

Trepp – Jan. 31

“Multifamily demand has risen to its highest level in more than 25 years (which roughly equates to the duration of one generation) thanks to demographic trends, population growth, and changing consumer preferences.”

How do Small Building Renters Find their Apartments

Chatter Blog – Jan. 25

“Traditional word of mouth referrals and Internet searches are most popular among renters seeking small building rentals. But search modes vary with the end purpose of the move.”

Homeownership and the American Dream

Urban Institute – Jan. 31

“The pendulum seems to have swung too far the other way, and many now may have too little faith in homeownership as part of the American Dream.”

Apartment Renters Continue to Dominate Many of the Nation’s Cities

NREI – Jan. 30

“Renter households now make up the majority in 42 of the 100 largest cities in the U.S., according to RENTCafé. That’s up from 20 cities where renters dominated within city limits in 2006.”