We start off this week’s collection of top multifamily news items with a look at the growing demand for Class B apartments as investors begin to realize the shortage of workforce housing. Next, we explore where the workforce is growing with a look at 10 booming cities from CNBC.


Turning to tax reform, Urban Institute examines how the new policy will make renting more attractive than owning a home. Multifamily Executive then walks us through the finer points of the relationship between property tax assessments and acquisition price. This week’s round up closes with a look at some often-overlooked cities experiencing revivals.

Class B Apartments in Demand: Investors Look to Capitalize on Workforce Housing Shortage

CoStar – Jan. 8

“Apartment investors will be hunting for Class B properties this year – not as the value-added proposition they’ve been seen as recently, but as a way to address the shortage of workforce housing.”

10 Cities with Booming Employment Growth in 2017

CNBC – Jan. 9

“While job creation has actually slowed by 6 percent in 2017, some cities are still experiencing tremendous employment growth.”

For Many, Tax Reform Will Make Renting More Attractive Than Owning A Home

Urban Institute – Jan. 9

“The increased standard deduction means fewer taxpayers will itemize. The reduction in tax rates also suggests less of a benefit for those who do itemize.”

Look Beyond Acquisition Price to Reduce Property Tax Assessments

Multifamily Executive – Jan. 10

“Many jurisdictions have specific assessment statutes that result in taxable values well below the property’s purchase price or the value indicated under the income approach.”

The U.S. Cities Left Behind Now Get Their Turn

Bloomberg – Jan. 8

“The current recovery brings a chance for places like Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Riverside, California, to reinvent themselves.”