This week’s industry highlights consist of an outlook of multifamily in 2018, a growing trend among Baby Boomers to rent and how advancements in technology will continue to disrupt the traditional apartment sector. First, Freddie Mac’s David Brickman tells Commercial Observer how he manages to keep an emphasis on affordability without sacrificing overall profits. Then, a NAREIT’s panel with five leading economists reveals that although 2018 may not see big gains in prices, job growth and strong fundamentals will keep the market promising. The Washington Post then uncovers that some Baby Boomers are choosing to rent apartments for reasons such as not being responsible for repairs and the flexibility to move as frequently as they would like. Next, NMHC creates a redefined view of multifamily with innovations that will focus on meeting the needs of human experiences, changing employment developments, e-commerce, and health/wellness. Lastly, National Real Estate Investor concludes that although multifamily will mainly remain stable in 2018, Class A assets will continue to see competition, rents may continue to rise and markets like Houston will continue to develop and show potential.

yellow door of an apartment building

Freddie Mac’s David Brickman on GSEs’ Special Role and the Outlook for Multifamily

Commercial Observer – Jan. 18

“A year shy of his 20th anniversary with the agency lender, David Brickman answers to an intricate pair of overlapping mandates: earn a sensible economic return from loan activities while assertively promoting liquidity and affordable housing even during economic crises.”

Economists See Strong U.S. Fundamentals Boding Well for Real Estate

NAREIT – Jan. 18

“NAREIT’s panel also expounded on trends, structural shifts, sectors and cap rates in the coming year.”

Downsizing Baby Boomers Face a Key Decision: Is it Better to Rent or to Buy?

The Washington Post – Jan. 18

“The rent-or-buy decision is more commonly thought of as a dilemma for young professionals establishing their households, not people approaching retirement.”

NMHC Multifamily Disruption Report

NMHC – Jan. 18

“Eight major trends will be game changers for apartments moving forward. These tectonic shifts are poised to radically reshape our customers’ experiences as well our industry’s approach to designing, developing and operating our communities.”

Seven Predictions for the Multifamily Sector in 2018

NREI – Jan. 18

“‘Stable.’ That’s the one word that encapsulates the anticipated state of the multifamily sector this year — that was also the sentiment expressed by other industry experts as well, when asked for their forecasts for the upcoming year.”