This week’s selection of multifamily news pieces reveal the expected performance outlook of the 2018 multifamily market as well as the amenities that matter most to renters. First, Mortgage Bankers Association identifies that the strength and stability of the CRE market will likely be sustained due to factors like increasing asking rents. Next, Axiometrics explores the dynamics that are causing small metro markets to outperform their counterparts. Alex Chatter discusses the significance of offering residents high speed connectivity and access to evolving technologies. Then, NREI predicts that 2018 will be another strong year for multifamily with an elevated level of transaction volume, low cap rates and a continued focus on secondary and tertiary markets. Lastly, The Wall Street Journal discovers that while nearly all residents say they care about having an on-site fitness center, less than half take advantage of the facilities they have.


3Q Commercial/Multifamily DataBook Reports ‘Strong, Steady’ Markets

MBA – Jan. 4

“Commercial real estate and finance markets were strong and steady during the third quarter, with fundamentals holding tight, prices still climbing, finance activity growing and loan performance extremely strong.”

Smaller Metro Apartment Markets Often Outperform Larger Neighbors

Axiometrics – Jan. 4

“What might be causing the discrepancy in market performance between these marquee-name markets and their lesser-known neighbors? There are a few potential explanations.”

Need for Higher Speeds: An Updated Look at Internet Use in Small Apartment Buildings

ALEX Chatter – Jan. 2

“While Internet access makes steady inroads in small apartment buildings, renter preference for faster connectivity is shifting access to newer technologies.”

Investors Expect 2018 to be Another Solid Year for Apartment Sales

NREI – Jan. 2

“Investors bought a lot of properties as 2017 came to a close, partially making up for the year’s slow start.”

Renters Love the Gym—but Only in Theory

The Wall Street Journal – Jan. 3

“82% of respondents say an on-site fitness center is important in apartment buildings, but 42% note they rarely or never use those facilities.”