This week’s review of the top multifamily news stories starts off with a look at the rise in apartment demands at major metros. We’ll also examine the shift in student housing market, rising rents in senior housing and the Top 10 cities for millennials.

Photo by Emmad Mazhari on Unsplash

Photo by Emmad Mazhari on Unsplash

Top 15 Metros for Apartment Demand in 2Q

via MPF Research – July 10, 2017

“National multifamily absorption rose to near-record levels in 2nd quarter 2017, easily outpacing completions. A similar story played out in most major metros, which saw strong demand due to a number of factors.”


Student Housing Investment Spreads to Smaller Markets

via Axiometrics – July 13, 2017

“While the volume and value of apartment transactions have declined significantly from last year’s record levels, student housing investment continues to flourish as more and more investors discover the potential return in the off-campus housing sector – in markets of all sizes.”


How an Aging Population Impacts Seniors Housing Rent Growth

via ALEX Chatter – July 13, 2017

“It is no secret that the U.S. population is aging. From 2010 to 2015, the US population grew 3.9%, but the population of those over 60 grew 16.7%. This means that the under 60-year-old segment grew only 1.0%. Put in different terms, the percent of the U.S. population at or above 60 years old went from 18.6% to 20.9% in just five years.”


Apartment Vacancy Rates Remain in Low Single Digits in Gateway Markets

via National Real Estate Investor – July 11, 2017

“The strongest four markets in the country—New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston—seem almost impervious to shifts in new supply.”


The 10 Best Cities For Millennials In 2017

via Forbes – July 11, 2017

“If you’re a millennial thinking about moving to a new city, you’re likely mulling over its job market, cost of living and tendency for sunny days. But perhaps you’re also considering whether a city has a vibrant, diverse community.”