This week’s collection of multifamily news stories examines how understanding local renter demographics can lead to smarter investments and greater returns. First, National Real Estate Investor covers how to identify recovering metros that show potential for growth. Next, Multifamily Executive explores how studying renter psychographics can provide valuable insights on preferences, and ultimately help you raise your rent. Chandan Economics weighs in on the importance of understanding how age and gender are determining factors for what single renters look for in multifamily spaces. City Lab reports that meeting the needs of all age groups is becoming increasingly crucial, as more Americans choose to age in place. Lastly, Property Management Insider provides us with a look at how loan programs are offering discounts for “green” apartments  and absorbing some of the costs that come with making properties more energy efficient.


Investors Look for Bargains in Undervalued Markets

National Real Estate Investor – October 4, 2017

“Property values have surged steadily higher in the prolonged recovery. But that high tide isn’t raising all boats as some metros are still falling short of 2007 pricing.”


How to Command the Highest Rents

Multifamily Executive – September 29, 2017

“These four strategies will help you determine the right specs and amenities to attract your target renters.”


How Age and Gender Play a Role in Single Renter Preferences

ALEX Chatter – October 2, 2017

“While single renters constitute close to half of the demand within small apartment units, their growth has been faster in larger buildings, where preferences by both age and gender play a significant role.”


Urban Americans Want to Age in Their Neighborhoods

CityLab – October 5, 2017

“The vast majority of older Americans—more than 70 percent of those over 50, according to a 2014 AARP survey—plan to “age in place,” or stay in their homes or communities.”


Green Financing in Multifamily Housing Grows in 2017

Property Management Insider – October 2, 2017

“Lower interest rates and larger loans are fueling energy conservation inside multifamily housing operations across the country, bolstering the bottom line of owners and the wallets of residents.”