In this week’s collection of top multifamily reads, we examine growth in small balance lending, construction permits and multifamily rents. First, the Mortgage Bankers Association explores the recent rise in small balance multifamily lending. Next, we turn to MPF Research, which offers new research shedding light on increased construction permits across several key major metros. Moving on to rent growths, National Real Estate Investor explores an interesting correlation between rent growth and former housing crash cities. Though rent growth has slowed down somewhat, affordability continues to be a major issue for many renters, as Chandan Economics explores in their latest article on ALEX Chatter. Rounding things off this week is a look at the top ‘hipster’ markets via and Yelp – surprisingly, Brooklyn is not in the Top 10.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Steady Rise in Small Balance Lending

Mortgage Bankers Association – October 12, 2017

“Small balance multifamily lending — including acquisition and refinancing loans with original balances between $1 million and $5 million — is rising steadily and could set a record in 2017, said Chandan Economics and Arbor.”


Permit Volumes Rise as Some Major Metros See Increased Activity

MPF Research – October 11, 2017

“On the metro-level leaderboard for annual authorizations, the top 10 remained largely intact, with only Phoenix replacing Miami in the #10 spot.”

Apartments Rents Are Growing the Most in Former Housing Crash Cities

National Real Estate Investor – October 10, 2017

“Apartment rents continue to grow more slowly than before. The cities where rents grew the most in 2016 are still top cities for rent growth this year, but their lead is getting smaller.”


What Income is Needed to Rent Affordably: A Scan Across US Metro Areas

ALEX Chatter – October 10, 2017

“Apartment affordability has acquired crisis-like status across several US metros. In this post, we examine the income needed to rent affordably in small apartment buildings across the US.”


Hottest Hipster Markets in America List Revealed 

MultifamilyBiz – October 10, 2017

“Released today, the Yelp Hottest Hipster Markets in America list identifies the most in-demand housing markets in the U.S. with the highest concentrations of “hipster” businesses for home buyers looking to embrace indie culture.”