In this week’s collection of multifamily reads, we explore the industry’s take on multifamily housing, learn more about millennial households, understand how building age impacts multifamily rents, long term resident retention tips and more. 

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

Most in Industry Optimistic about Multifamily

Freddie Mac – September 6, 2017

“How do lenders, developers, builders and investors feel about the market and where it’s going? What areas pose the greatest challenges? And where should the market be focused in the future?”


5 Facts About Millennial Households

Pew Research Center – September 6, 2017

“Looking at households is important because many economic and spending decisions, such as whether to own or rent a home, tend to revolve around the household rather than the individual adult.”


How Does Building Age Impact Multifamily Rents?

ALEX Chatter – September 5, 2017

“When it comes to apartments, general wisdom says that the newer the building, the higher the rent. This holds true until you reach the ‘prewar’ vintage, which can approach new inventory rent rates for smaller properties.”


5 Long-Time Resident Retention Tips

Property Management Insider – September 7, 2017

“We spend our money and time on marketing to new residents, even standing on the corner banging our drum, to drive new business. Too often we forget the most important thing—keeping people we’ve got.”


Commercial Asset Prices Climb Even as Deals Slow

Scotsman Guide – September 6, 2017

“Commercial asset prices made more gains in July even as deal volume has fallen off, according to three leading indices.”