This week’s roundup of the top multifamily reads starts off with a look at construction. NREI delivers insight on the top 10 metros for multifamily permits, and while you can probably guess many of the cities on this list, the order might surprise you. Continuing on the construction trend, new research from Zillow explores how the short-term impact of new supply is defeated by long-term demographic demand. Next, we get a look at the multifamily decisions faced by both the youngest (Gen Z) and oldest renters. Chandan Economics first presents a new look at how building size impacts senior renting trends in an ALEX Chatter post. Then we take a look at Gen-Z, a demographic with members well into their 20s and a birthrate outpacing Millennials. We close off this week’s roundup with a story from Multifamily Executive on how demographics are still favoring demand in urban centers.

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The Top 10 Metros for Multifamily Permits

National Real Estate Investor –  September 20, 2017

“While local governments across the country approved 28,650 multifamily units in July—a 9.4 percent decrease from the year prior—the total amount of permits issued for the metros was 5.3 percent higher than during the previous 12 months.”

National Apartment Market Outlook: Bearish for Now, Bullish for Later

Zillow – September 15, 2017

“Nationally, rents in multifamily structures have stagnated for the past year and will continue to do so as more new units become available in the coming months.”

What Factors Impact Where Seniors Rent?

ALEX Chatter – September 20, 2017

“Our research illustrates that senior rental location preferences are strongly segmented along both age subgroups and by housing costs. Metro market size also plays a large role.”

Move Out of the Way, Millennials: Making Room for Gen-Z in the Rental Market

MultifamilyBiz – September 20, 2017

“Consisting of those born between 1995 and the present, the birthrate of Gen-Z has outpaced Millennials by 3 million, and the first wave of Gen-Z is already well into their 20s.”

Renter Demographics, Trends Point to Continued Demand in Urban Centers

Multifamily Executive – September 17, 2017

“Looking closely at macro level dynamics and demographics, some telling trends are emerging. Here are four that point to rental demand remaining strong.”